The Reason for Ear Wax (funny poem)

Ear wax was invented

by the brain – that clever chap!

As a barrier to absorbing

other people’s verbal crap.


My Recorder (funny poem)

What’s wrong with my recorder?
No matter what I play
their words say “oh how lovely!”
But their expressions: “go away.”


It started so well (funny poem)

God bless the man
who makes my ice cream.
God bless logistics
(chocolate from bean!)

God bless my brother
who is so fun to hit
God bless my allowance
(real and counterfeit)

God bless Gran’s amnesia
(two birthdays a year!)
God bless the bad guy
(my future career)


Humpty Dumpty: the final verse (funny poem)

So they souffled his whites
and scrambled his yolk.
Humpty was served piping hot
with a side of artichoke.



Evil brewing, stewing (funny poem)

There’s a chance I may be evil
(I’m testing the theory.)
The laugh in my head is now deep dark and baritone
instead of light and cheery.


Bedtime routine (funny poem)

Beachy cheeks
Dewy lips
Enough powder
for apocalypse

Pigmented lids
Smokey eyes
Back to lips
now glossified

Quick inspection
“Damn” I said
Wink to reflection
Now off to bed


ABC’s of Singapore

After 7 years in Singapore my family and I are onto new adventures in Perth, WA. As a tribute here is my rendition of Singapore’s ABCs. This is a draft with notes for illustration.

A for Aww! An Oriole! (Who sings admist the green)
B for Bay, Sands that is, a cote de the Marine.

C for chicken rice
D for Dempsy twice (pic of both Demspy Hill and Demspy Road).

E for easylink
F for flower in a flower
G for gasp! Gecko that is! Darting up a tower!

H for hawker center (rating a-c)
I for ice cream uncle (1 dollar durian ice cream).

J for Jalan Kingru, Jalan Besar (which means street)
K for kaya, kopi O, K for kopi C.

L for la
M for monsoon
N for night shopping opportune (picture of pasar malam).

O for orchid blooming in garden botanic
P for people – Singapore – a true multi-cultured fabric.

Q for Qoo10
R for the one and only Raffles
S for Singlish (ok lah? every expatriate baffled).

T for Tanjong Beach Club, T for taste it from a wok
U for umbrella (picture of carrying umbrella in the sun)
V for….hmm, unsure (while you wait here’s a Macaque).

W for wet market
Y for you (Singaporean through and through)
Z for zzz (a blue eyed white Tiger dozing at the Zoo).