Relationship Reality Check

If distance makes the heart grow fonder

do you look at yours & think “go wander”

7 thoughts on “Relationship Reality Check”

    1. Wow Somesh! What a thrill! I have just come back from a long trip to my home in Vancouver (hence the break from posting) and this is such great news!
      Will be starting to post again very soon!

      1. Just a trip home and also finding out I’m pregnant…….so its been a crazy few weeks!
        Vancouver is beautiful, very green and lush and a hot spot for nature lovers. Its very easy to live there but getting more expensive as the years roll on! It’s a long way away…….but definitely worth a visit 🙂

      2. Bdw, u might take a break from poems and tell us about Vancouver, and ur experiences there. Personally I like to know more about new places! 😀

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