No sweets in the kitchen!

“There are no sweets in the kitchen!”

said mother to me one day.

“That’s fine” said I and I promptly left

(her face was in disarray!)


There’s sweety snaps in Dad’s tool box,

there’s coco crisps between our sheets.

“What’s that sound”? in the night says my mother,

says my father … “oh go back to sleep!”

There’s strawberry chews in our fireplace,

there’s frosties in my wall, half a tonne.

There’s sugaros inside our pea shoots,

they make dinner a little more fun!

Above the fireplace my dad has a deer’s head,

that now stares at you with goobers for eyes.

My dad’s engine is full of sweet cola,

that now whistles a song as he drives.

There’s yummy yums in our vacuum,

there’s coco bark under the sink.

There’s munchies munch in the litter box

no one will find them there…I think.

There’s taffy pull inside the receiver,

of grandma’s vintage pink phone.

There’s honeys in dad’s bedside reading

Uh oh…….. these on loan!

There’s gummy chew inside our soap bars,

sweety dew fills our shower caps.

There’s caramelo holding our pictures up on our wall,

fudgee chew fills grandpa’s hat!

So that is why no child checks the kitchen

for sweetums or taffy rinde.

The rule is put sweets in one’s kitchen

And one’s mother will surely them find!


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